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Jenny R.

High Style offers both laser and hair salon services. I first learned about it through a Living Social deal, and after a couple of laser sessions decided to become a regular customer. I have gone to Meli for over a dozen laser treatments, and I am extremely pleased with the results. Meli is a warm, knowledgeable, and professional person with years of experience in the field. She has a medical background and clearly explains what will help you and what to expect with each session. I have gone to her to treat leg veins, remove leg and bikini hair, and now most recently, for laser facials. I am more confident than I have ever been in years during the spring and summer now since I don't have to worry about dark hair growing in on my legs. I am also happier now that my leg veins are not nearly as noticeable anymore. In addition to the cosmetic benefits of laser hair removal, there is also the perk of time and water being saved by not having to shave often. I highly recommend Meli's services and plan on being a customer for years to come.
I had my first hair appointment with Xan a couple of weeks ago, and she gave me a really nice haircut and blow dry. I asked if I could get the cut done within my lunch hour, and she got the wash, cut and dry done in time as asked. Xan is friendly and professional and I will definitely be going back for future hair appointments.



I originally came to Meli for a very gentle laser facial.  She explained how it worked, and stopped after a few minutes to show how my skin already
looked better.  It helped even out my skin tone and made it look healthy and vibrant.   My stomach and back were covered with seborrheic keratosis that she
has reduced to tiny light “freckles” or made disappear entirely.   I had loose skin and cellulite on my inner and back thighs due to weight loss - the laser
is helping to firm and smooth it out.   I feel so much better about my body as a result of her laser treatments.  Meli is very warm and caring, and she 
really listens.



Xan has totally transformed my appearance with a new youthful hair style and color!  In a short time my hair has become so soft, smooth, and natural
looking from her expertise and products.  I never thought I could be this happy with my hair!


As a male professional with many years in business, I decided that a new younger look would definitely benefit me.  When I started with Meli, my skin was starting to look thin and old.  After only two treatments, the skin on my face looks younger and firmer.  I am very pleased with the results. I can definitely see a difference!


Dear Meli,

Thank you for doing such an amazing job when I saw you a few weeks ago. I am especially happy with my arms, and that they no longer "jiggle". I't will be so nice wearing short sleeve or sleeveless, shirts/dresses knowing the sagging is gone. You always do such a detailed job, just amazing. I've showed the photos to some friends. Everyone is amazed, too bad you are not closer. But maybe I can get some to make the

NY - Boston trip. I appreciate all your efforts and reasonable pricing!

Best wishes, Mary

Kris F. Waltham, MA - Yelp

   I went to High Style yesterday with a Living Social Coupon for a keratin treatment. I've never had keratin done before so I wasn't sure what to expect but, my stylist Xan was wonderful at making sure I understood the procedure and what would happen during, after, and how I would need to maintain it.
I could tell she actually cared about my hair because she ended up explaining that my hair type wouldn't really benefit much from just keratin. She recommended a Brazilian Blowout. I went with her suggestion and she did a great job, and my hair is soft, shiny and easily manageable.
The salon itself is pretty small in the front with just two stylist stations but, this does help with privacy. I felt like I had the salon all to myself, like I was V.I.P.
All in all, I had a good experience.
Kris F. Waltham, MA - Yelp (Click on clients name above to read full review.)

John R, Yelp

I just discovered this place and I have to tell you, I'm really picky about who I trust with my hair, but I LOVE Xan work and I am so happy to show off my hair cut each time I get it. I was looking for a place close to work who really understand the subtleties of how to cut men's hair. I wanted something more stylish, edgier, but still professional.
She really listens to what you want and does it perfect! She's more of a visual person, so if you have a picture of a haircut you want, bring it and show it to her and she'll do her talent!  Highly recommended.
John R ~   Yelp  (Click on clients name above to read full review.)

MIrish , Citysearch

Full-Service Salon. Melly is a jack of all trades and offers a variety of services, including laser technology, mesotherapy, and nail care. She is a perfectionist and performs each service masterfully. I highly recommend her!

MIrish , Citysearch

Donna P.

Melly offers a variety of fabulous services at High Style. If you're looking for anything from nail care to weight loss -- she's your woman. She is trained and certified in the use of triactive laser technology and mesotherapy. I have had several treatments from her, and the results have been fantastic. Melly is a perfectionist -- she takes her time and ensures the work is done correctly and as comfortably as possible. I highly recommend her services!

Donna P.


Margaret W

Melly is a jack of all trades and offers a variety of services, including laser technology, mesotherapy, and nail care. She is a perfectionist and performs each service masterfully. I highly recommend her! 

Margaret, W. 

High Style Laser & Spa specializes in laser treatments including hair removal for the back, bikini, Brazilian, chest, lip, leg and facial hair removal.

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