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¡With Boston spring now in full swing, you should consider treating yourself to laser hair removal!

Are you wondering what to expect from your laser hair removal experience at The Laser Skin Center Medical Spa in Boston’s Back Bay? Here is a quick primer.

Preparation & Timing:

  • Discontinue waxing and tweezing six weeks before your first laser hair removal treatment; however you can continue shave or use depilatory products. Also, use sunscreen on any exposed areas.
  • Right before your first visit shave the area to be treated.
  • Plan on five to ten separate laser hair removal treatments, each scheduled between four and six weeks apart.
  • Treatment session length depends on the size of the area to be treated. Smaller areas such as upper lip, sideburns or chin, can take just a few minutes, while larger areas like the back or legs can take up to an hour.

Women as well as men can suffer from varicose veins. Not only are these veins unattractive, but can be painful too. This condition is much more common in older people, pregnant women, overweight individuals and in those who stand for extended periods of time. In some cases, it could be genetic and those who have a family-history of the condition may suffer from it too. Those who have varicose or spider veins may suffer from foot-tingling, tired legs & swelling in the legs. This makes it important to opt for treatment that will help get rid of the condition in an effective manner. 

Regardless of how much you care for it, over time everyone’s skin loses its elasticity and firmness. Topical creams and other applications are not effective in getting the skin back into a better condition and surgery can be painful and expensive. But now if you want to treat sagging skin effectively, quickly and cost-effectively, it’s possible to do so with laser skin tighteningHigh Style is one of the leaders in this field and we provide you very advanced and effective laser skin tightening treatments.

Catalyzing Collagen Production

This promotes immediate collagen production and helps rebuild the loose and sagging skin. It can be safely used to treat neck and facial skin as well as that on other parts of the body. We  have skilled estheticians on board who  perform this treatment in the most skillful and expert manner and before long you will find that your skin is looking years younger; it will look  tighter, healthy, smooth and more youthful  The laser skin tightening treatment we provide is painless and there is no downtime.

Scars can be a result of acne, skin grafting, an injury or a surgical operation. Many people have some kind of a scar or the other and may want it to be removed. High Style can help you in a very effective manner with laser treatment for scars.This treatment is extremely effective in reducing the appearance of these unflattering marks on your body. It is an advanced, non-invasive approach to getting rid of scars, and offers excellent results.

The Preferred Method

What makes it the preferred option to remove scars is that there is no downtime and discomfort like the one associated with surgery. In this treatment, we use very powerful, safe and effective fractional laser technology to quickly reduce the appearance of scares without actually affecting the surrounding skin. All it takes is a few easy and fast treatment sessions to make the scars less visible and you get a smoother, softer and more attractive skin.

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High Style Laser & Spa specializes in laser treatments including hair removal for the back, bikini, Brazilian, chest, lip, leg and facial hair removal.

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