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There are a number of reasons for stretch marks.  In some instances, they could be a result of obesity or sudden weight loss, while women who have just had babies may also notice stretch marks on their abdomen. Men and women who work out and weight train may also find stretch marks appearing on their bodies. Even teenagers can get stretch marks at puberty.

Every person wants to look good and feel confident, but there are a number of things that prove to be hurdles.  Some people have excessive hair growth- a condition known as Hirsutism. There are also a number of people who find it very tedious to shave every single day and are not sure how they can avoid that. It means they end up wearing clothes that keep most of the parts of their bodies covered and they are unable to wear the kind of clothing they want.

Almost everyone leads very busy lives and it’s very difficult to find the time to look after one’s skin the way we would like to. Sometimes age or the UV rays of the sun play havoc with your skin, while at others, acne scars can mar the look of your face. At times you may suffer from painful varicose veins or you may feel your skin is beginning to sag. So what exactly can you do to stop all these progressions in their tracks?

A number of people suffer from acne, which impacts the way they look and it affects their self confidence too. But what is probably even more impacting is that the acne that shows up on their face, back, neck, chest and upper arms etc, also leaves ugly scars. Anyone who has suffered this will know exactly how frustrating it can be. They use lotions and topical creams and try out home remedies as well as medication, in vain. The fact is that acne scars can be very stubborn and in many cases, they will last forever if they are not attended to on time.

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