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Acne can be devastating at any age, but far worse than the condition itself is the scarring left behind. While the pimples and infections will eventually go away and can be treated, many teens are left with the reminders on their faces in the form of unpleasant scars. Fortunately, they don't have to live with them forever.

Laser skin treatment is a type of surgery technique that is used to treat skin problems. In the process of laser skin treatment, a surgeon uses a carbon die oxide laser to vaporize the upper layers of skin, removing them so that new skin reforms. The laser is to be considered as a very specific beam of energy that can be directed onto any part of the skin, together with damaged areas. It is largely used in wrinkles as well as fine lines for the most part around the eyes and mouth as well. Laser skin treatment has similar effects to dermabrasion and chemical peels – it is sometimes referred to as a laser peel.

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High Style Laser & Spa specializes in laser treatments including hair removal for the back, bikini, Brazilian, chest, lip, leg and facial hair removal.

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