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How Laser Stretch Mark Removal Can Help You


It’s very common for both women and men to develop stretch marks. In women, these could appear when the skin gets stretched too fast during the phases of puberty/pregnancy/weight-loss. These marks are unsightly and they become almost permanent over a period of time.  But now, you don’t really have to worry about these stretch marks and the impact they have on your appearance.

For Smooth and Beautiful Skin

High Style Laser & Spa can help you get rid of these unsightly marks and you will not have to live with them any longer. Our specialized laser stretch mark removal can give you the touchable, smooth and clear skin you have always wanted. It is a non-surgical procedure which uses measured pulses of laser light and effectively breaks down your stretch marks and improves the appearance of your skin.  All it takes is a few sessions to reduce the redness, the stretch marks can be smoothed and your skin will be soft and smooth to the touch once again.

The Procedure

The laser stretch mark removal procedure breaks down the stretch marks, triggers the production of new tissue at the affected site and helps in improving the color of the marks. The collagen that is produced leaves these marks smoother in texture. This procedure does not take more than 30 minutes to perform and there is very minimal pain during the procedure. In most cases, there will be a certain amount of redness & swelling of the marks that may last for a few days.

When you come to us for treatment, our expert esthetician will explain the entire procedure and you will be informed about the pros and cons as well as the side-effects. What makes  this the preferred  treatment for stretch marks is the fact that there  is no downtime and you  can easily  go back to what you were doing, before you came in for the   laser stretch mark removal procedure. 

The Specialized Treatment

You will have to come in for more than one session as the effect and results vary from one patient to the next. However, it is a very effective treatment and very soon, you  will find that your stretch marks are  reducing and your skin feels soft and looks smooth and attractive without having to go under the knife. For more information about our specialized laser stretch mark removal, call High Style on 617-261-7101. Alternatively, contact us via this online form

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