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Laser Resurfacing for Flawless Skin


Laser resurfacing is a very popular cosmetic procedure; it helps rejuvenate the skin & reduces the effects of aging, the sun, as well as certain facial skin disorders. We at High Style are one of the leaders in the field and provide very effective, safe and convenient laser skin resurfacing. This treatment is also known as laser peel and removes the skin’s damaged outer layers; it stimulates collagen & new skin cell production, which gives you younger, smoother and healthier-looking skin.


Smoothening Imperfections

Our specialized laser resurfacing treatment helps diminish the appearance of various imperfections on the surface of the skin.  During this procedure, we use a laser to dissolve the molecular bonds on the damaged layer of skin. We go through one layer at a time, till the skin gets a more uniform appearance. Many people also refer to this as skin rejuvenation/laser peel as the skin layers that are damaged get peeled away quickly and effectively.

Is it for Everyone?

The laser resurfacing procedure does a superb job and helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines, irregular skin pigmentation and scars. However, patients with specific medical conditions, skin tones and types are more at risk of developing a number of side effects. The one way to know whether you are a candidate for this treatment is to set up an appointment with us. Our experts will test your skin and tell you if this treatment is suitable for you.

The ideal candidate for the treatment has non-oily, elastic skin that isn’t prone to scarring post minor injury. Ideally, a person who opts for laser resurfacing should not have any existing health conditions and should not be on any prescription medication, as this can cause unnecessary risk in the course of the procedure/recovery period.

Complete Guidance and Treatment

It’s also very important not to have any unrealistic expectations of the procedure. When you come to us for this treatment, you know you are choosing one of the leading laser treatment clinics in Boston. During your initial consultation, our experts will provide you full information about the treatment, how it is carried out, and the amount of time it takes per session etc. This gives you a much better idea about whether you are comfortable in getting this treatment done. For more information about laser resurfacing, call High Style on 617-261-7101. Alternatively, contact us via this online form.

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